Technology for people

Feeding the world

Every year the world population grows by 87 million people. Today 7.2 billion people live on this planet. In 2050, there will be 9.7 billion – which is nearly 35 percent more than today. Due to the growing world population, the disposability of food has to be significantly increased by 2050.

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The diversity of an industry

With their products, the German manufacturers of food processing and packaging machinery offer viable machinery technology, complemented by high-performance production controls and flexible, highly automated production processes.

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Know-how and high-tech

One aspect so far has been neglected: the role of technology. It will not be possible to supply the rapidly increasing population with food and drink without intelligent technology. We are thus talking about technology with a ‘nutritional value’ – and we must be aware that the proper handling of food and beverages requires solid technological competence

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Tasks and functions of packaging

Today, global supply purchase and delivery relations characterise both food production and distribution. To meet the requirements ensuing from this global trade, packaging must fulfil many different roles. Packaging thus is an important part of the product.

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The right machines
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Experience the future
A clean hand for unpackaged food


When processing and packaging unpackaged food products, hygiene is a top priority even for robots. This particularly applies to gripper tools which come into direct contact with the products. At the VDMA Technology Lounge, researchers from the Fraunhofer IVV presented the latest concept of a highly flexible hygiene gripper.

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Active packaging for safer food


Packaging protects food against external influences such as the transfer of microbial germs, damage through pressure, dust or ingress of moisture. Until now, however, this protection has always been passive. Modern packaging materials go much further – they “actively” intervene in physical, biological and chemical processes.

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Cleaning only when required


Automated cleaning at set intervals is not ideal as a critical “degree of contamination” does not follow a constant pattern. Intelligent devices that detect when a system requires cleaning provide more reliability and production benefits.

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Hand in hand with robots


Humans have the important ability to flexibly react to new situations based on knowledge and experience. Robots on the other hand score with repeatability, precision and speed. HRI (human-robot interaction) strives to combine the best of both worlds. The idea is that robots should move away from replacing humans and towards assisting them in their work.

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Higher payload and increased process reliability through rotation


Parallel robots, e.g. the widely used delta robots, never fail to impress with their speed during pick and place applications. Their capacity with regard to speed, payload and process reliability can be further increased, though.

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Security along the entire supply chain


Security has many faces and extends along the entire supply chain, from goods receipt, production, processing and logistics to the use of products and goods. Customers expect high-quality, reliable, genuine and safe products while manufacturers expect their intellectual property to be protected against piracy. Modern identification technology is increasingly turning into a key technology in this respect.

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